Bassetlaw Together – the Journey so Far…

On Friday 29th September at The Well, Retford Baptist Church and Community Centre, there was an event about how Bassetlaw Hospital has progressed over recent years, integrating mental and physical health services and how they have been trying to improve. 

Mandy, a volunteer at Rosewood, was the first speaker at the event. She describes the event and her contributions below:

I spoke on stage about my experience as a carer, volunteer and my son and his personal journey with his mental health. I think the hardest thing in the world is when it’s a loved one going through ill health.

Going to the Carer’s Group at Bassetlaw was one of the best things I could have done. I had nothing for ten years as I didn’t know about the group. I’ve been going for nearly three years and haven’t missed one! The support there is fantastic, it was through the group that I discovered the Rosewood Involvement Centre and volunteering.

Things have changed now on wards, the staff really listen to carers now. I know my son better than any one in the world, so I know when he’s not well. Carers have so much valuable advice. Mansfield Hospital have been fantastic every time he’s been in.

I also spoke about SUCE (Service User & Carer Experience) forms and Care Opinion and about how they’re important as they help to give patients a voice.

I remembered to mention about nearly everything I wanted to on the day, but kicked myself for forgetting to mention The Family Intervention Team! I volunteer with the Family Behavioural Therapy – they make an unbelievable difference. I wish that help was around when my son started becoming unwell. My daughter could have used it as it was difficult for her to go through during her studies at university.

My son is really pleased I volunteer and all the work I’ve been doing because he knows that not only do I enjoy it, but that I’m making a difference.

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