IMG_0135My name is Andrew. I’m an Involvement Volunteer at the Rosewood Involvement Centre. My main voluntary duties I do are MICE Audits (Monitoring of Infection, Cleanliness, Environment) & PLACE Audits (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment).

MICE Audits

My role as a volunteer in doing MICE is to provide a fresh set of eyes alongside the staff member who’s doing the audit. MICE is an on the spot inspection of the environment of the department, it’s down to how the department is run, cleanliness, condition of the department i.e. fixture and fittings.

Once this audit has been done, we evaluate and score the audit on how the department has done; we make suggestions and ideas on how they can improve.

PLACE Audits

The PLACE is something similar to MICE, but more in depth. We check the department on cleanliness, condition inside and outside; on how well the building meets the needs of the service users (i.e. how well the department supports the service user’s privacy and dignity); the atmosphere of the department; and the quality and availability of food and drinks within the department.

Once again, when this audit is done, we evaluate and score the audit on how the department was done and make suggestions on how they can improve.

Once the MICE and PLACE audits have been done on the department, they are published on the NHS England website.

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