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Just & Restorative Culture

You may have heard the term “Just & Restorative Culture” (JRC). A Just and Restorative Culture means acting with compassion, treating people fairly and justly and embracing a learning culture; where if something goes wrong, we seek first to understand. It is an ethos by which we are all accountable for our actions, we act in line with and recruit to our Trust and Arnold Lodge values and behaviours and we assume positive intent during our interactions.

A shift in culture means a shift in the way we respond to problems and work is ongoing to ensure our people policies reflect our ambition.  When things do go wrong in all cases we should:

  • Seek first to understand before taking action
  • Focus on restoration, not retribution and consider what was responsible rather than just who was responsible
  • Consider the psychological impact on all individuals involved

This is an initiative that the Trust is adopting, and further information can be found on Connect or drop Lisa Powell an email for further information.

Thank you

The admin team have been working really hard behind the scenes to cover vacant posts and demonstrate collaborative working to ensure a professional service is maintained. The Admin Team includes PA’s, Clinical Admin Manager, Ward Clerks, Procurement, Cashier, E-Rostering and Medical Records. We would like to acknowledge the Administration Team’s hard work over the past months.

Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing – Events for July

The team are happy to announce that they have two sporting events taking place in July. The first event will be a Euro 21 football event taking place on 6th and 7th. This will concentrate on various football related skills with prizes to be won. The second event will take place in line with the upcoming Olympics on 30th July, where the department will have a sports day that consists of various Olympic events.

Adapted Tai Chi Course

Over the past month Jonathon Gaydon and Lorraine Coleman have undergone a Tai Chi course, and have gained massive confidence and knowledge in the area of Tai Chi. It will help our patients with general movements with low impact sessions, mainly focussing on ICU, LTS and patients in seclusion.

Recovery Narratives Project

Led by Author and Mentor Samantha Houghton

Sam has been supporting patients at Arnold Lodge to write about their recovery journey. They were asked to think about the challenges they faced and how these how been overcome.

Four patients have written inspirational stories which they are keen to share with others, both at Arnold Lodge and outside of the hospital. They will be working together to put these into a booklet.

Patients have found this experience to be positive and empowering, with a boost to self-confidence.

Writing is a wonderful medium for recovery and we will continue to offer this opportunity to others.

Butterfly Project

After receiving our unusual delivery of 20 live caterpillars we were able to observe them grow to more than 10 times their original size over 2 weeks, shedding their exoskeletons 5 times before forming a chrysalis. We only had to wait a week as the caterpillars completed a remarkable transformation, called metamorphosis, and emerged as fully grown Painted Lady butterflies

Once they had all hatched, patients were able to gently put their hands in the enclosure and have the butterflies climb on and happily spend some time warming up their wings in the sun, giving us a rare close up view of their amazing patterns, before flying off to find the many butterfly attracting flowers scattered across Arnold Lodge or the newly decorated butterfly houses. The butterflies were so lightweight that you could barely feel them on your hands. It was an event enjoyed by all and we are looking forward to releasing more butterflies in the near future

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