Information for Staff about Volunteers

Volunteers are highly valued within Nottinghamshire Healthcare, making a significant difference to the lives of patients, carers and services. They perform a wide range of non-clinical roles, that complement and enhance the work of paid staff and improve the patient’s experience. 

Volunteers are in many different areas of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and they are supported not only by our team, but also by staff members who act as “Placement Officers”. We want to work with staff to make sure that both they and volunteers are adequately supported to enable the best outcomes for patients, carers, staff and volunteers. This page has information and resources for staff who currently support volunteers as well as for those who’d like volunteers within their team or service or know someone who’d like to volunteer. We also have information on Connect, Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s internal intranet.

Returning volunteers back to roles

Due to the Covid Pandemic, the Involvement, Experience & Volunteering Team suspended many of our existing Nottinghamshire Healthcare volunteer roles to meet demands of services. We’re in the process of returning volunteers back to roles, now that the majority of restrictions have been lifted.

If you’re a staff member and previously had volunteers in your service and are wanting them to return, please contact our team us first so that we can work with you and properly support both you and the volunteer.

Requesting a volunteer

If you’re a staff member and you’d like a new volunteer or volunteer role in your service, please get in touch with us. We’d be really happy to work with you to help develop the role, advertise and recruit to it. It’s really important that we ensure that all volunteers in our services have the correct checks and training in place to help keep our patients, carers, staff and volunteers safe.

New volunteers

If you’re a staff member who has a service user, carer or knows someone that wants to volunteer, you can see the roles we’re currently recruiting for on our opportunities page.

Staff FAQs about volunteers in Nottinghamshire Healthcare:

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