A service to people – poem from Rampton Hosptial

A service to the People


Helping those in crisis, giving care to the distressed

Helping the sick and poorly

That’s the job of the NHS

When accidents happen and medical treatment is in need

A hospital is the place to go

Where doctors and nurses do good deeds

They help the young and fragile

And also the old and frail

The NHS is there for everyone

For this countries people it tries not to fail

The NHS has given back life

When hope has nearly gone

Looking after the people that are in need

Helping them to carry on

The care and treatment is free

A great service to this country

Everyone has their own chance at making a recovery

All the people have somewhere to turn

When they need more than a first aid box

They will have someone to listen to their concerns

Giving light where it seems that there’s not a lot

Even though I have not been the best citizen

The NHS has been there for me

It has been there for family and friends

And also my community

So to 70 years of service

I’m sure the countries proud

Everyone has the right to live

The best that life can allow


Follow our countdown to the NHS’s 70th birthday as we post a blog a day.

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