A few highlights from the last year of changes made as a result of feedback from patients, carer and families

We’ve been contributing to the Trust’s Annual Report this month, due to be published in early summer, and so we’ve been trawling through our services six monthly reports and also Care Opinion stories to put together a few examples of things that have changed as a result of feedback. It’s not an exhaustive list but I thought I’d share some of the highlights here as a reminder that your feedback does make a difference, and things do change when you speak up.

Changes made in the last year as a result of feedback, including over 4569 responses to surveys (with 3415 comments offered) and 466 stories on Care Opinion, include:

  • Due to feedback from patients at the Wells Road Centre (low secure Forensic unit), there is now more flexibility on use of communal spaces after midnight for those who are awake at that time.
  • Rampton Hospital (high secure Forensic unit) reviewed their communication procedure when a patient is out-of-grounds following a complaint from a carer.
  • There has been a long-standing need for a hairdresser with experience of Afro-Caribbean hair at Wathwood Hospital (medium secure Forensic unit), which has now been addressed, with a hairdresser visiting routinely.
  • Staff at Lings Bar Hospital are working to increase the privacy of visits which have been compromised by social distancing and having certain spaces closed.
  • Community therapists and the rehabilitation unit in Nottingham North and East met to discuss the information given to patients and agree better understanding of the roles/handover procedures, following a complaint from a family member.
  • Patients at Wathwood Hospital expressed disappointment about the gym facilities being closed during lockdown, patients were desperate to exercise. Staff supported bedroom workouts, providing equipment, advice and exercise worksheets.
  • The city crisis team are recruiting a carers’ peer support worker as a result of feedback from patients and carers about communication with carers and the support they can access when their loved one is in crisis.
  • The Deputy Director for Forensic Services investigated the speed with which meals are brought to the wards at Rampton Hospital due to a patient complaint that food was arriving cold.
  • In response to feedback from patients, Arnold Lodge have begun welcoming visiting animals to the unit (including reptiles, birds and domestic animals). The visits have been very well received.
  • North Nottinghamshire community nursing service have reviewed and are improving how fully patients are involved in their Continuing Healthcare assessment following feedback from families.
  • The women’s service at Rampton Hospital held a meeting to talk about the issues raised through the patient survey and created a plan to cover the three main areas, with specific actions, such as: staff not to presume what a patient is trying to say before a whole conversation has finished (image above).
  • Nephrostomy training has been provided to community nursing teams in Nottingham West to ensure they are all about to administer support, following feedback from a family member.
  • Following feedback about the last-minute cancellation of a child’s visit at Rampton Hospital, there has been a review of the child visits protocol and more staff specially trained in supervising.

Great to see, isn’t it? Lots of things changing as a result of patients, carers and families sharing their experiences and feedback. We’re working on a rolling log of changes made a result of feedback which will be on a new page in the feedback section of this website. Watch this space!

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