A commitment to collaboration in Bassetlaw

First things first, merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and thanks again for following, or just checking in on, our blog over the last year.

This is just a short blog to share a small moment of triumph recently, when our Collaborative Service Model appeared on the front page of the Bassetlaw ICP (Integrated Care Partnership) bulletin, explaining that the ICP have agreed to use the model to engage and involve staff, communities, partners, service users and carers alike in changing existing services and designing new services.

Bassetlaw ICP

This is really reassuring. It comes after many constructive conversations with staff leading the work to improve services in Bassetlaw so to see this level of commitment to collaboration feels, as mentioned earlier, a real triumph. This sets the expectation that as services change, expand, open and close staff will work alongside service users and carers to make sure they really understand the potential impact, that service users and carers are well informed of what’s changing and why, and importantly that theirs is an integral voice in the the room as decisions are made. This also extends to people in the community who may not currently access services but may come to need them in the future.

We’ll tell you more about the Collaborative Service Model (and the network who will continue to develop it) in the new year, but for now, this was worth a quick pause and smile.




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