As we start the New Year, we’re taking time to reflect over the past twelve months and look at the highlights. Read about Gordon, Mandy, Ann and Sheila’s years.

Michael has been coming along to the Rosewood Centre since October 2016 and actively volunteering with our Trust since January 2017.

The highlight for me is becoming a member of new friendly communities, particularly at Rosewood. I’ve got involved in most of the Forensic Services where I’ve enjoyed working with the staff as well as working with the patients.

I like the way we work together and support each other in a non-judgemental way. I feel valued and my volunteering has given me a new structure and purpose.

The feedback and Care Opinion sessions in Women’s Services and LD at Rampton have been particularly rewarding. We always get a good welcome. As volunteers, we’re accepted as a stranger quite readily, although trust can take a while longer.

My involvement in interview training and my links at Wathwood and Arnold Lodge are also proving most rewarding.

It’s hard to pick absolute highlights, there are so many and I’ve been involved in so much.

Interested in getting involved and having similar highlights to your year? Contact us to find out more about volunteering.

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