2017 Reflections – Laura

As we start the New Year, we’re taking time to reflect over the past twelve months and look at the highlights. Read about Gordon, Mandy, Ann, Sheila and Michael’s years.

Laura is a Volunteering Support Officer within the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Team. She joined the team in January 2017. 

What a year! I moved to this Trust and joined the Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Team in last January. I’ve found it a big change from my previous clinical role and I’m still trying to get my head around all the services and teams within the Trust, but I don’t regret the move.

I’m still constantly blown away by the amount our volunteers care and how much they get involved in across the Trust. The passion to make a difference and compassion for each other in the Involvement Centres makes them a really nice place to work from and the volunteers a pleasure to work with. It’s brilliant to see how much they’re valued across the board, from service users to senior management level.

The inevitable service changes that come hand-in-hand in working in the Public Sector have been a challenge, and I’m sure they’ll continue to be a challenge over the next twelve months too; but it’s heartening to see people get actively involved and having a say in their services to try and manage this in the best way possible so we can still try and provide a quality service to the public we serve.

The staff team I work with are a brilliant bunch too. We come from a range of different backgrounds and are all passionate about promoting and supporting our volunteers and carers, improving our services and involving people.

I think picking one highlight would be incredibly difficult, but I’m thankful to everyone who’s contributed to my many uplifting moments of 2017.

Interested in getting involved and having similar highlights to your year? Contact us to find out more about volunteering.

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